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Renovate & Real Estate

Jan 6, 2022

Karen Penn and her husband Michael are a lovely couple from Queensland who have spent much of their lives putting other people's needs in front of their own.  However, they are now committed to catching up before retirement, by doing multiple renovation and flip projects.  Karen joins me to discuss how she felt before...

Dec 16, 2021

Kirstin had spent years as a single lady renting, had a good career, but until recently had not ventured into the property market.  She saved for a deposit and bought what she could afford, a small townhouse in a complex of many.

With determination and a can do attitude, Kirsten is DIY renovating and has already...

Dec 9, 2021

Cindy Rickard, from Victoria, Australia.

Cindy and her husband Paul renovated their first house together, doing almost all of the work (Paul is an electrician).  They bought 2 investment properties and one of them was damaged by tenants, so they renovated that as well and sold it.  They sold their original PPR and moved...